ECommerce For 2019 – Make $2k To $4k Per Day Online Without Shopify Or WooCommerce or Websites

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Do You Want to Learn All the Tips and Secrets to Successful ECommerce for 2019?

Would you like to make $2k to $4k per day?

All without the following:

  1. Building Your Shopify Store & Paying For All the Associated Costs To Shopify
  2. Building a WooCommerce Platform
  3. Building a Website to Support Traffic To Your ECommerce Stores

After watching the following Video on 2019 ECommerce Tips & Secrets you will be ready to soak up your 2019 ECommerce Profits!



Top 5 Trends For ECommerce Design For 2019:

Here are the Top 5 ECommerce Design Trends:

  1. Carousels
  2. Card-like Layouts
  3. Minimalism
  4. 360 Degree View Product
  5. Responsive Design & Mobile Application

Top 4 Trends For ECommerce Search Engine Optimization For 2019:

Here are the Top 4 ECommerce SEO Trends:

  1. Website Security – https websites
  2. User Experience – UX – Websites must take less than 3 seconds to load otherwise you risk losing 40% of Your Website Visitors (High Bounce Rate)
  3. Brand Building & Conversions – Conversions trump Ranking every time…Rank=Traffic whereas Conversion=Money in your pocket
  4. Voice Search – creates natural question searches therefore requires natural answers to solve questions asked

ECommerce Myths To Bust And Secrets To Reveal For 2019:

  • You CAN sell eCom Products without Online Stores – TRUE
  • WHY 93% OF All Shopify Stores FAIL to make any money
  • You can forget Shopify
  • You can forget Amazon (the King of EComm)
  • How to structure UPSELLS to TRIPLE AOV (Average Order Value)
  • “Hidden Interests”
  • Getting Started Today As A Newbie Can Be Easy
  • Powerful AUTOMATION SOFTWARE that builds High-Converting EComm Businesses in minutes
  • Plug n’ Play
  • Making $2K per Day in YOUR first 3 weeks

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